Melbourne teen pulled to safety seconds before monkey bike and car exploded

Mel Buttigieg with agencies

A 14-year-old boy riding an illegal miniature motorbike was pulled to safety moments before the bike and car exploded.

Good Samaritan Steven Jerees, 26, moved the trapped boy seconds before the car burst into flames in a Dallas suburban street, in Melbourne's north, about 9pm, on Thursday.

A 14-year-old boy is in a stable condition after his monkey bike was struck by a car. Source: 7 News

The teen monkey bike rider is lucky to be alive, suffering injuries to his legs and face. He was taken to the Royal Children's Hospital and remains in a stable condition.

The quick actions of neighbour Steven Jerees may have saved the teen's life. Source: 7 News

"As soon as I came out of the house I seen the collision happen. And the the kid fly about 10 metres...I picked him up and moved him 20 metres from the flames," he said.

It is believed the boy was riding without a helmet or lights.

The teen was pulled to safety seconds before the car burst into flames Source: 7 News

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Neighbours then put out the fire.

The driver, Aaron King, has spoken to police but has not been charged.

He said he couldn't see the boy as he turned into Foster Street, as the bike's light were reportedly off.

Driver of the car, Aaron King, said he could not see the bike as it entered the street. Source: 7 News

"They drive around and overtake cars on monkey bikes, and probably not registered," he said.

"Oh well. Some people just have to learn the hard way I guess."

Sergeant Brad Cook urged riders to be more careful.

"They're a huge problem these monkey bikes; they're young kids riding them around, no licences, no registration, no lights, certainly not roadworthy," he said.

"I urge any parents out there if their children are riding their bikes, tell them not ... it's just not worth it for a bit of fun, and riding around things like this happen."

It is illegal to ride mini motorbikes, or monkey bikes, on Victorian public roads, footpaths or nature strips as they fail to meet the requirements of a registered as a vehicle.

Sergeant Cameron Cook said monkey bikes were a "huge problem". Source: 7 News

This week's incident comes after mother of two, Andrea Lehane, from Cranbourne in Melbourne's south-east, was hit and killed by a teen monkey bike rider in September last year.


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