Dad's disturbing video to kids before 'fatally shooting wife'

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A Texas father accused of ambushing and killing his wife posted a disturbing YouTube video addressing his children.

Trent Paschal, 48, is accused of killing 30-year-old mother, Savannah Paschal, on October 21 after allegedly hiding in the bathroom and waiting for his wife to come home following an earlier dispute.

When Savannah arrived at the house with her mother, investigators say the man ambushed her and shot his wife twice in the stomach while the other woman managed to flee for help.

According to court documents filed in Galveston County, “Trent jumped out of the shower... [and] stated he was going to shoot her and Savannah.”

Selfie of Savannah and Trent Paschal.
Trent Paschal (right), 48, is accused of killing his 30-year-old wife, Savannah (left). Source: Facebook

When police arrived on the scene they found Savannah with wounds to her stomach, which she later succumbed to in hospital.

According to local Houston media, on the evening of the alleged murder, neighbours began sharing a chilling YouTube video of Paschal in which he accused his wife of infidelity, saying: “I have audio of her talking to other guys.”

In the four-minute clip, he apologises to his children and says he loves them, but also complains his hair is a mess and asks: “Why me?”

He appears upset, almost on the brink of tears, but in control.

Speaking to his daughter he says: “I’m sorry I’ve done this. But I want you to know, you mean everything to me.”

Speaking to a boy named William, he says: “I love you so much, I love you like you’re my own. I didn’t choose this, your mum chose this.”

Trent seen talking to the camera.
The YouTube clip has been viewed more than 42,000 times at the time of publication. Pictured is a screenshot of the video. Source: YouTube

At the end of the video, he appears to run and hide from someone who is entering the house where he was filming.

At the time of writing, the clip remains on YouTube and has been viewed more than 42,000.

Neighbour Donald Riddick believes the video was made moments before the alleged murder.

“I can’t believe he would leave something like that, telling his kids he loved them. How can you love your kids if you’re going to kill their mumma?” he told Click2Houston.

“He was in there making that video before she came back.”

Mr Riddick said he was shocked by the incident and had never heard the couple fighting before.

Police later caught Paschal in Houston where he was shot after refusing to put down his weapon.

He is reportedly expected to survive his injuries and will be taken to prison.

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