Dad grades school letter after he's fined for son missing class

A dad has turned the tables by “grading” a letter sent to him by the local council after his son missed five days of school.

On August 7, father Daniel Moore, from Exmouth in the UK, received a fine from the Devon County Council after taking his son on a family holiday to Spain.

The letter, from the council’s Head of Education, fined Mr Moore $105 for his son’s absence from school.

However, when Mr Moore realised that the letter was riddled with mistakes, he decided to “grade” it with a red pen and several sassy comments.

Daniel Moore, a UK Dad, has marked and graded a letter from the council’s head of education after he was fined for his son missing school. Source: Facebook/Daniel Moore

“Today we received our fines for taking Charlie on holiday,” he posted on Facebook.

“I’m not going to pretend I’m a spelling guru or a typing expert. But I’m also not the Head of Education in Devon.

“I’m going to pay the fine, no questions asked, but I shall also be sending her letter back marked & graded.”

Mr Moore spared no red ink as he savaged the spelling and grammar mistakes in the official letter, in which “the” was spelled “hte”.

When Daniel Moore realised that the letter was riddled with spelling mistakes he decided to grade it with a red pen and several sassy comments. Source: Facebook/Daniel Moore

“D minus. Must try harder,” he wrote on the letter.

Circling seven spelling mistakes, Mr Moore sarcastically remarked: “Head of Education in Devon … Come on!!”

The Devon County Council was sheepish about the error.

“D minus. Must try harder,” Dad Daniel Moore wrote on the letter to the Council’s Head of Education. Source: Facebook/Daniel Moore

“We have been trialling a new IT printing system and a number of mistakes were unfortunately not picked up before this letter was dispatched,” the Council told the BBC.

“It is an embarrassing error and we have taken steps to ensure it won’t be repeated.”