Target accused of 'price gouging' in cyclone stricken Bowen

Retail group Target have been accused of taking advantage of cyclone savaged communities after selling a 24-pack of bottled water for the exorbitant price of $72.

An image was posted to Facebook on Sunday displaying the advertised price in the Bowen Target Country store in north Queensland.

The company received a huge backlash online with most Facebook users declaring it an outrage.

The photo was taken at the Bowen store by Natalie Maher who accuses the store of price gouging.

The carton of 24 bottles of water on sale for $72 at Target. Photo: Facebook/Natalie Maher
The carton of 24 bottles of water on sale for $72 at Target. Photo: Facebook/Natalie Maher

“I thought the price was wrong and informed the check out chick that someone had placed the wrong price in front of the water,” Ms Maher wrote on the post.

“She informed me that no it is the correct price.

“Talk about price gauging us while we are in need. Disgusting mongrels.

"I will refuse to shop at Target from now on."

A spokesperson for Target told the 7 News Online that the price was correct but has since been dropped to help locals deal with the aftermath of Cyclone Debbie.

"At Target we sell our Cool Ridge water for $3 per 600ml bottle however due to the water shortage situation at Bowen we have reduced that price to $1 per bottle," the spokesperson said.

Natalie Maher accuses the company of
Natalie Maher accuses the company of

The run on bottled water comes after Bowen residents were told to boil their tap water before drinking it due to possible traces of bacteria following cyclone Debbie.

Council has told residents the water could be discoloured and potentially dangerous if it has high levels of bacteria.

A BP service station in the Whitsundays was also accused of marking up its cartons of water after selling them at $44.