Cyclists face $116 fine from NSW Police for breaking this road rule

When cycling with a bunch of mates on the road, keeping close together is important to allow cars and other vehicles to pass by, but few know that this is actually mandated by an official road rule.

There is a road rule applied across Australia that sets a maximum distance for two cyclists riding together when out on the roads to avoid clogging up entire lanes.

Police have the ability to fine offending riders who don’t follow these rules and pose a potential threat to other road users trying to get past them. So just how much could it cost you?

Man smiling in bike helmet surrounded by other recreational cyclists. Source: Getty Images
Road Rule 151 prevents cyclists riding any further than 1.5m apart from one another. Source: Getty Images

Road rule keeps cyclists together

With road safety always at the forefront of the minds of local authorities, creating a road rule that keeps cyclists together when they hit the tarmac makes a lot of sense.

This is why part four of Rule 151 in the Australian Road Rules states that two cyclists must ride within a maximum of 1.5m from each other when on a public road.

It works in tandem with other parts of the same rule that generally prevents cyclists from riding no more than two abreast on the road no matter if it is a single or multi-lane carriageway.

All states across Australia have integrated this into their local road rules legislation with the goal of giving drivers and other road users the ability to pass cyclists with minimal risk of a collision.

Police ready to strike

As there is always the potential for clashes between cyclists and motorists, police and other highway authorities can use penalties to stop incidents from happening.

Family riding together outdoors. Source: Getty Images
Police can fine cyclists for breaking the rule on Australian roads. Source: Getty Images

When it comes to enforcing this cyclist road rule, police can issue fines for any riders taking up too much space on the roads. Some of these penalties include:

NSW: If New South Wales cyclists are found riding more than 1.5m from each other, NSW Police can issue offending cyclists a fine of $116.

VIC: With Victorian roads bustling with cyclists, local police can issue cyclists breaking Rule 151 with a fine of $182.

QLD: In Queensland, any cyclists caught riding more than 1.5m apart from each other will be issued a $130 fine from local authorities.

SA: South Australian cyclists who are found riding more than 1.5m away from each other are susceptible to a $154 fine from local authorities.

WA: Anyone in Western Australia who attempts to ride more than 1.5m away from each other can be given a $50 penalty from WA Police

TAS: Tasmania Police will issue a fine of $130 to anyone they think is riding more than 1.5m from one another and clogging the road.

ACT: If any cyclist in the ACT is found breaking the fourth part of rule 151 by local police, they can be issued with a fine of $154.

By issuing these fines, police aim to ensure cyclists stick close together on the roads and avoid holding up traffic.

It’s why road rules such as these are created to ensure that both cyclists and motorists stay safe on the road whenever they are sharing the same piece of tarmac.

Family riding on country road. Source: Getty Images
NSW Police can issue cyclists with a fine of $116 for riding too far apart. Source: Getty Images

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