Cyclist threatened with axe in shocking road rage attack

A man has been filmed threatening a cyclist with an axe in a shocking road rage attack filmed in Adelaide’s east.

The man was filmed wielding the axe just before 12pm Tuesday at the intersection of Glynburn and Magill Roads at Kensington Gardens.

The man steps out of his car with the weapon and starts hitting a road bike before threatening the cyclist.

The driver hits the bike with his axe before threatening the cyclist. Source: 7 News
Shaken, the cyclist steps back.

Danny, who witnessed and filmed the incident, told 7 News the duo came to blows after the cyclist started hurling abuse at the driver before banging on the passenger window and smashing the motorist’s side mirror.

“I could see a cyclist punching the car window non-stop,” Danny said.

“One hundred metres down the road he’s still punching the window of this old guy’s car and then he busted the guy’s mirror.”

Watch the video above.