WATCH: Cyclist pummelled after trying to steal motorcyclist’s keys

A would-be thief received a prompt and painful lesson after stealing the keys from a motorcycle ignition.

In peak traffic, the cyclist could be seen leaning back, switching the motorcycle off, taking the keys out and then going no where – very fast.

His acceleration away from the scene left something to be desired and he was brutally tackled to the ground by the motorcyclist.

“Give me my f*****g keys,” the livid motorcycle rider screamed as he pinned the bicycle rider to the ground.

And away I go. Source: YouTube
Maybe not. Source: YouTube

Curious bystanders watched on as the motorcyclist yells for someone to grab the keys from his hand.

Begging for mercy, the sheepish cyclist is eventually allowed to return to his feet where he can be seen handing the keys back and apologising profusely.

As if the public smack down wasn’t punishment enough, the motorcyclist then provided a basic motoring lesson to the visibly distressed cyclist.

“Try signalling – cyclists are supposed to be up against the kerb,” he yells.

The bike rider can be seen licking his wounds as he quickly tries to flee the scene.