WATCH: Customer tackles armed bank robber with brutal body slam

A bank customer has been praised for slamming an armed bank robber to the ground mid hold-up in a heroic move caught on camera.

CCTV from the bank in Montdale in the US state of Pennsylvania shows the customer enter the bank foyer on Friday moments before a masked man storms in brandishing a pistol.

Customer Robert Sakosky entered the bank moments before the robber. Source: WRDW
The armed robber demanded cash.

The crook shoves a bag at the teller, telling them to fill it up with cash when customer Robert Sakosky, a hotel manager, reacts and slams him into the ground with such force the security camera shakes.

The two men struggle as the thief gets to his feet, only for Sakosky to slam him to the ground again before disarming the robber and throwing away his bag.

Sakosky intervened.
He slammed the man to the ground.

The Good Samaritan attempts to subdue the robber, holding him in a headlock but the man manages to break free and run out the door.

Sakosky then followed the man outside to assist police find and arrest the man, later identified as John Ryall, WRDW reports.

Ryall faces a number of charges including robbery and making terrorist threats.

The unlikely hero Sakosky manages a nearby hotel, with one of his colleagues describing him as “just a normal guy”.

"He's definitely a hero, but he's just a normal guy,” said Wade Nordahl, an employee at the Carbondale Grand Hotel.

“I mean, he's personable, he's a good boss, he never gets angry. I'm honestly surprised he did it."