‘Cunning' new scam targeting Optus customers

Optus customers are being warned not to fool for a “cunningly crafted” new scam targeting consumers’ credit card details.

NSW Police said there have been growing reports of a sophisticated email circulating, that looks every bit the real deal.

“The ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) has been receiving reports about emails with the subject line ‘We are unable to process your last payment’,” NSW Police said in a statement.

“The fake email and payment form are cunningly crafted to trick people… and use a web address that looks like the real Optus website.

NSW Police said the latest scam is quite sophisticated. Source: NSW Police

The email contains a link to a fake ‘pay your bill’ page, which then asks for your credit card details.

Customers are advised to check the legitimacy of email links before they ever consider entering their credit card details.

“Use contact details you find through a legitimate source and not those contained in the suspicious message,” they added.

“If you receive this scam email, delete it immediately.”

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