Cult favourite returns to Macca’s

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The McRib will return along with the Chicken Big Mac and Onion Rings. Picture: Supplied

The most requested McDonald’s product ever will make its highly anticipated return to Australian shores this summer, along with several other Macca’s icons and one item “co-created with AI”.

The McRib will debut on Aussie menus from Wednesday November 29 for a limited time only, after having been requested by fans across social media more than 327 times in the last year.

Alongside the McRib, the Chicken Big Mac and Onion Rings will also be up for grabs.

Newcomers to the summer menu include a Tim Tim Chocolate McFlurry and Frozen Coke Y3000 — an icy beverage that promises to deliver “the new Coca-Cola flavour from the Year 3000”, co-created with AI.

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The McRib will return along with the Chicken Big Mac and Onion Rings. Picture: Supplied

As of Wednesday Aussies will be able to purchase the McRib in two forms — the classic McRib and the McRib Deluxe.

The McRib was first introduced in the US in 1981 and was removed from menus just four years later following poor sales.

Since then it has returned periodically only for short periods of time as a limited item, except for in Germany and Luxembourg where it is a permanent menu item.

The McRib contains a boneless pork patty shaped like a small rack of ribs and in its classic form it is plated up with smoky BBQ McRib sauce, served with pickles and onions.

The deluxe version also contains McChicken sauce, cheese, tomato and lettuce.

This summer marks the first time the McRib has been available in Australian McDonald’s restaurants since 2020.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA- NewsWire Photos APRIL 04 2021: Generic McDonalds images: A McDonaldÃs customer in Victoria has slammed the fast food outlet, saying he was injured when making an order in the drive-through for one reason. Sarah.Picture: NCA NewsWire / Sarah Matray
The special summer items will be available for purchase as of November 29. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Sarah Matray

McDonald’s Australia marketing director Samantha McLeod said the summer staples will also be ushered in with the new Macca’s Bundle Range which will offer cheaper meals designed for multiple people.

“With one of our most epic summer menu line-ups of all time, we look forward to bringing people and flavours together this summer by serving up our great tasting, great quality menu and providing more feel-good moments for our customers across the warmer months,” she said.

“No matter your plans, we’re here to make your summer memorable, because Macca’s and the Aussie summer are an unbeatable combination.”