Cult favourite burger chain closes doors

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It will be a ‘long time’ before the owners consider opening another physical Burger Head restaurant. Picture: Instagram

Sydney’s cult favourite fast-food chain Burger Head has closed its doors for the final time.

On Monday, the owners took to Instagram to share an emotional video of them turning off the lights of their Penrith restaurant for the final time in the “end of an era”.

“That’s all folks,” they said.

Burger Head founders, friends Joshua Deluca, Timothy Rosenstrauss and Richard Borg, first opened the Penrith store in 2017.

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Owners Tim Rosenstrauss and Josh Deluca announced the ‘devastating decision’ last month. Picture: Instagram

Over nearly seven years they expanded their burger empire to Blacktown, Casula and Botany but suffered financial woes during a rapid post-Covid expansion.

Having already closed their Blacktown and Casula locations, the Botany and Penrith restaurants flipped their final patties on Sunday.

“And just like that, all good things must come to an end,” Tim and Josh posted on Instagram last month.

“The past seven years have been nothing shy of an incredible journey of ups, downs and everything in between but unfortunately, we’ve decided to hang up the apron.”

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The first Burger Head restaurant opened in Penrith in 2017. Picture: Instagram

While the restaurants will close, Burger Head food trucks will continue to operate in a “major pivot” for the company.

On Monday, the owners shared a photo of a boarded-up food truck to Instagram, describing it as “day one of Burger Head as ‘just the trucks’”.

“Side of the M4 taping the door shut because the latch broke,” they said.

“Going well thanks mate.”

The owners have maintained their upbeat attitude while being transparent on the tough times faced by many small businesses and the hospitality sector struggling in the cost-of-living crisis.

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The lights were turned off at the Penrith restaurant for the final time on Sunday. Picture: Instagram
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For the foreseeable future the business will run out of food trucks. Picture:

They have been adamant, however, that this “ain’t the end of Burger Head”.

“We’ve been touched by the outpouring of support from everyone,” they said on social media.

Burger Head will now run exclusively through food trucks catering events.

“From the Melbourne F1 all the way down to a 21st at home or a corporate gig, you can book the truck and have it set your way,” they said.

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It will be a ‘long time’ before the owners consider opening another physical Burger Head restaurant. Picture: Instagram

The Burger Head crew revealed they would also explore bringing back burger boxes, barbecue packs and limited drops as well as supplying burger ingredients to other venues, including their own BH Sauce.

As for another physical restaurant, the boys will “never say never”.

“But definitely not on the radar for a long time,” they said.

“We’re happy with the trucks for the time being!”