Crunchyroll Profiles Are Finally Becoming A Thing


Crunchyroll profiles are finally rolling out soon, making it easier to keep track of your favorite anime without anyone else messing it up. The new feature, which should go live sometime before the end of April 2024, gives premium subscribers the option to make several profiles on one account, so everyone you share with has their own watchlist and keeps all their episodes in order.

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“Finally. We have been listening to viewer requests and our team has been hard at work to roll out the functionality for multiple profiles on Crunchyroll,” Crunchyroll’s chief product officer, Kaliel Roberts, said in a press release. “Once multiple profiles are live later this month, fans can truly curate a Crunchyroll experience that feels specific to their tastes.”

One subscriber can have up to five profiles on their account without paying any extra, and since Crunchyroll doesn’t have strict sharing limits – yet – you can feasibly have friends or family members who live away on your account as well.

Profiles will launch with 30 avatars from some of Crunchyroll’s most popular series, including Cowboy Bebop, and each profile user will have their own set of recommended shows based on what the platform thinks they enjoy watching.

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The announcement accompanied a selection of new shows airing on Crunchyroll, including:

  • A Salad Bow of Eccentrics

  • HIGHSPEED Ètoile

  • Dragon Raja -The Blazing Dawn

  • Tonari no Yokai-san

  • The New Gate

  • Yatagarasu: The Raven Does Not Choose Its Master