Cruel buddies' egg prank leaves mate scrambling for car

Mel Buttigeig

A young man might be looking for a new group of mates after they were caught on video laughing hysterically at a prank gone horribly wrong.

The clip, going viral online, begins with two pranksters pelting eggs at their buddy's car slowly pulling up to a lakeside property.

The driver chases his runaway vehicle, headed for the lake, while his mates laugh hysterically. Source: Jukin Media

The driver parks his car and runs towards the pair, seeming to plan a retaliation on the egging.

Before he can reach the taunters, the men point at the car, which can be seen starting to roll down an elevated driveway towards a lake.

Panicked, the young man chases after the vehicle until it gains speed and rolls into the lake, reeling in disbelief as he waits for the car to be submerged in the water.

But in a lucky turn of events, the lake appears to be frozen, and the car rolls to a stop just metres from the edge, without breaking the ice and sinking.

The car pucks up speed as it rolls downhill and across the frozen lake. Source: Jukin Media

His two mates continue to laugh while watching the unfortunate scene unfold.

It's unclear whether the car was saved from the icy lake.