Crocodile gets caught in fisherman's cast net during charter tour: 'Unusual'

A lifelong fisherman is urging others to be crocwise after one of the reptiles decided it wanted to join his fishing tour.

David Leigh, owner of Fairdinkum Fishing Charters, admits he “got a little fright” after catching more than he bargained for in a cast net he tossed off his boat in the Bolhe River, just north of Townsville in Far North Queensland, on Friday.

Video transcript

- [INAUDIBLE] Jesus. Oh, watch your toes. Don't bring it on board.

- It's not on board.


- It's just going to twist itself up, huh? Stay away from it, Doroth.

- Can you get those pliers for me please?

- Yeah. In all my years, I've never got one till now.

- Do you want me to hold the net while you cut it? At least what you're going to do.

- I just want to [INAUDIBLE].

- You're not going to get your net back, sorry.

- Yeah. See ya, mate.