Crew in for ride of a lifetime

The Ride to the Other Side team left the Kalgoorlie Golf Course on Saturday morning embarking on a 12-day trip to Adelaide.

The team, consisting largely of Armadale Rotary Club members, is driving a custom Hustler Super Z lawnmower to the Clipsal 500, due to arrive on February 27. Lead driver and founder Craig Alford said the team has learned many lessons from last year’s drive.

“Last year was definitely the training drill for us to see what we could do, how we would do it and what we could improve on, ” Mr Alford said.

“We have made changes to the mower, completely redesigning the backend and putting in a new cooling system for both man and machine.

“The heat was the biggest issue in last year’s trip so we hope we have learned our lesson and solved the problem.”