Covid patient's distressing clue to alleged rape by her doctor

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A doctor is accused of raping a Covid-19 patient after allegedly giving her sleeping pills when she was admitted to hospital.

The general practitioner, who has been named in local media reports as 46-year-old Baris Yagci, works as a doctor in the emergency department of the Usak Training and Research Hospital in the city of Usak in western Turkey.

The 21-year-old woman, who has been named only as Yagmur G., went to hospital after falling sick.

Staff determined that she might have been infected with COVID-19, and she was referred to the Pandemic Emergency Service. The doctor reportedly had the patient taken to his room and given pills.

Baris Yagci, 46, is accused of raping a Covid patient. Source: Newsflash/ Australscope
Baris Yagci, 46, is accused of raping a Covid patient. Source: Newsflash/ Australscope

The young woman, who reportedly fell unconscious due to the effect of the drugs, woke up in hospital the next morning and realised that she was not wearing any underwear.

The woman reportedly realised she had been allegedly raped, and she left the room without waking the doctor, who was fast asleep on the sofa.

The young woman reported the incident to the prosecutor's office, and the doctor was arrested.

A blood test was performed, and it was determined that the doctor had given her a drug, which was unspecified in local reports.

Yagci remains in custody with investigations ongoing.

He has rejected the allegations.

Local media reports police records show he killed a stray dog with a rifle while drunk in 2020 and previously set fire to his neighbours' cars and houses.

- Newsflash/ Australscope

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