Couple's unusual plan to give away idyllic island cafe

Tom Flanagan
News Reporter

Quitting your hectic city job and moving to an island to run a cafe just metres from the beach is merely a pipe dream for many.

But one couple on Victoria’s idyllic Phillip Island is offering that exact opportunity for one lucky individual – and all for the nominal fee of $15.

Laura and Matt McNamara, who have owned Island Whole Foods since 2015, say they want someone to experience the same way of life they have been lucky enough to enjoy as they move on to travel across Australia in a campervan with their two young children.

“When we looked at selling the cafe the focus was more on what we can get out of it, how much money can we get. It’s hard to put a price tag on something that you have poured your heart into,” Ms McNamara told Yahoo7 News.

This cafe could be yours for just $15. Source: Island Whole Foods
Ms McNamara and her young family have big plans ahead. Source: Supplied

To do this, they have decided to create a raffle for their business valued at $187,000 – with an entry costing just $15.

“These guys are just crazy generous raffling off the cafe. I think it’s more than a cafe that place, it’s a whole island lifestyle these guys have created,” local Rhys Ulrich said.

The prize includes their whole business, $10,000 cash and $4,000 worth of stock.

Not only does one lucky winner acquire a brand new cafe, they also inherit a new way of living.

Island Whole Foods places strong emphasis on living sustainably and has an extensive vegan menu, including delights such as cashew cheese and their homemade nut milk.

For anyone who thinks the opportunity seems daunting, Ms McNamara revealed the couple had no prior experience in the industry before starting it up three years ago.

Phillip Island is famed for its stunning nature reserves, beaches and wildlife watching including the chance to catch a glimpse of whales and penguins.

And if everything the couple has to offer has not enticed you by now, know that $2 of every entry to the draw will go to water pollution charity Take 3 for the Sea and other local charities.

The draw will take place on October 16 where one entrant’s life will change forever.

For more details on the draw and how to enter head over to the cafe’s website.

The couple are not the only ones to use such an initiative to offer a unique opportunity to entrants.

A British family are currently offering their $9.1 million mansion in a raffle with one ticket costing $23.