Couple's awkward moment after booking 'best seats on the plane'

The two ended up the star of the show while on the flight.

A couple thinking they'd snagged the "best seats" on the plane got a rude shock after boarding and realising the awkward trip that was in store for them.

Former Real Madrid soccer player Sergio Carrallo and his wife Caroline Stanbury, a Real Housewives of Dubai reality star, shared a video on Tuesday sitting in seats 1A and 1B on a flight boarding in Tanzania. "[We] thought they were the best seats on the plane," Sergio said online.

When turning the camera around, it revealed the seats as being the only ones positioned in the opposite direction, looking towards the back of the plane — which means they are directly facing everyone else in the cabin of the plane.

Screenshots of the TikTok showing the pair on the plane in their seats, then the view from their seats which is the rest of the cabin.
The couple were shocked to find themselves the star of the show on a plane. Source: TikTok

Within hours, millions of people watched the video and thousands responded saying they "gasped" as the phone flipped — labelling the situation "awkward" and a "nightmare.

"I would rather walk to my destination," one person commented. "There’s my absolute worst nightmare and then there’s this," another replied.

What airline was this filmed on?

The two, who had been on holiday, were flying with Tanzania's regional airline, Precision Air. Their current fleet consists of, five 70 seater ATR 72-500, three 48 seater ATR 42-500 and one 48 seater ATR 42-600.

According to ATR Aircraft's website, both the 42-600 and 42-500 have two seats at the front of the plane facing the rest of the cabin. This means four of the planes in their fleet are positioned in this manner.

Seating plan for the ATR 42-500 aircraft.
Both the ATR 42-500 and 42-600 have the same seating plan. Source: ATR

Not the first time airplane seating has been called into question

In 2023, an Aussie business traveller hit out at Qantas for changing the flight's aircraft without notifying or reimbursing passengers — leaving him with a less comfortable seat for an overnight flight.

The travel blogger had booked a business class seat on an Airbus 330 six months in advance. After arriving at the airport, he discovered the aircraft had been switched to a Boeing 737 giving him a seat that does not convert to a lie-flat bed.

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