Couple regret renting motorhome to Burning Man revellers: 'Promised they wouldn’t’

A couple who rented out their brand new motorhome were left 'speechless' after seeing the condition it was returned in.

The guests initially promised they wouldn't take the motorhome to Burning Man - a popular festival in northwestern Nevada - but ended up lying "straight to (their) faces".

Footage of the now "disgusting" motorhome shows a roughed up exterior, hay and cracked eggs on the floor as well as pots and other things littered around the inside.

Side-by-side images of a couple's trashed motorhome after Burning Man.
A couple's motorhome has been left in "disgusting" condition after renters took it on a trip to Burning Man and didn't clean up after themselves. Source: TikTok/ mrloanofficer

When returning the motorhome, the owners received a text saying the couple who rented it had left it "dirtier than (they) wanted".

"When they returned it, they dropped it off down the street, with the keys on the wheel well, visible to anyone walking by," the husband said in the TikTok.

TikTok viewers react to 'disgusting' video

The TikTok received 8.8M views, with many shocked at how bad it was.

"Wow. People are not trustworthy," one person said.

"This is why I pause business during burning man. I'm sorry," another said.

The husband confirmed in the comments that they have taken the renters to court.

While the owners posted an update of the motorhome all cleaned, the husband said there were still issues that needed to be fixed including the fact that it "still smelt like egg".

“The generator is out, the fridge is out, amongst others things that need to be repaired,” he said in a TikTok.

“I had to give them the keys and my wife and I showed them around, gave them the tips and tricks of how to maximise this brand new RV.

"We also gave them a bottle of champagne."

One TikTok user suggested they get a tracker on their motorhome.

Confronting image at Burning Man sparks fears of wild virus spread

This year the popular festival had 80,000 attendees and became a superspreader Covid event, with medical experts saying it demonstrates that even outdoor events aren't safe from the virus.

While at the festival and days after, event-goers were reporting that they had tested positive to Covid and shared stories of how quickly it caught on at the campsites.

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