Couple furious after airline donates lost luggage to CHARITY: 'Criminal'

Despite the location of the luggage being tracked by the couple using an AirTag, the airline told them the luggage was deemed 'lost'.

A couple's honeymoon has ended in frustration after an airline claimed their suitcase was 'lost' – and eventually donated it to charity – despite the couple knowing exactly where it was thanks to an AirTag tracker.

Tom Wilson and Nakita Rees-Wilson were flying back from their honeymoon in Greece and had to re-check their suitcases at a stopover in Montreal before landing home in Toronto. Despite Ms Rees-Wilson's suitcase waiting for them at their final destination, her husband's was nowhere to be seen.

Pictures of the newly weds.
The newly weds were returning back from their honeymoon but their luggage didn't return with them. Source: Facebook / Nakita Rees-Wilson

Sharing her experience in a series of TikTok videos, the athletic therapist detailed how the couple filed a lost bag report before checking the location of the AirTag attached to Mr Wilson's suitcase and finding that it was located at an Air Canada processing centre in Montreal.

After 4 weeks, the couple were excited to notice the AirTag was travelling down the highway toward their location.

However, their quest to reclaim the luggage was far from over.

The suitcase was left in a public storage unit for months in Montreal, and despite reaching out to Air Canada with the location information and asking for a solution, they made no progress.

Air Canada did compensate Mr Wilson a quarter of the suitcase's value, but the couple expressed their dissatisfaction that the matter was not resolved.

Taking matters into their own hands

The newlyweds then decided to travel to the storage facility themselves but were shocked by what they found.

"Floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall luggage," Ms Rees-Wilson said when referring to the sheer number of suitcases located in the premises in her video.

After contacting the police, they were able to obtain a warrant to search the storage facility but also came out empty handed. With authorities on the case, the couple was finally told that Mr Wilson's suitcase had in fact been donated to charity by Air Canada as it was deemed "lost" by the airline.

Final destination of the suitcase

Ms Rees-Wilson's videos were viewed by thousands online and after the couple reached out to local media outlets sharing their experience, they finally received the phone call they were waiting for.

The suitcase was delivered by a third-party courier for Air Canada, who found the luggage in 24 hours.

The couple were all smiles after the lost luggage was finally delivered, a stark difference in reactions compared to the week before. Source: TikTok / nakitarees
The couple were all smiles after the lost luggage was finally delivered, a stark difference in reactions compared to the week before. Source: TikTok / nakitarees

The airline told the couple they have a "90-day policy to hold onto baggage" and admitted in this instance they had made an error.

Despite receiving their suitcase back, the couple said they are "not done" with Air Canada as they are "legally wrong with so many aspects of things".

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Air Canada for comment.

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