Couple fume at 'eyesore' built in front of waterfront property

The unwelcome addition to the couple's sea view was built earlier than scheduled and the residents had no idea what was going on.

A tsunami siren now blocks the Whangārei Heads couple's waterfront view in New Zealand.
A couple in New Zealand were 'flabbergasted' to spot construction workers building a tsunami siren in front of their waterfront home. Source: NZ Herald

Homeowners had no idea what was going on when they spotted a crane being rolled out in front of their property, and workers start to build an almost two-metre high structure in the middle of their once uninterrupted waterfront view.

Jared Russell and Sarah Clinker said they worked hard to get the opportunity to build their dream home in Whangārei Heads on New Zealand's north island and were "flabbergasted" one day recently to see the 1.8 metre tsunami siren appear in the middle of their waterfront view without any warning.

Speaking to the New Zealand Herald, the couple said they have been left dismayed by the decision. "It’s an eyesore," Russell said. "There were at least 10 other places around here it could’ve been erected, if only the community had been asked."

Resident blocked access to construction work

Russell reportedly blocked access to the work after a sleepless night of worry, halting construction until he could speak with the company to voice his concern, which he did the following morning.

The tsunami siren in question is one of 94 being installed to replace the country's old network, with new additions also being included. The tsunami siren network upgrade is being rolled out by the Northland Civil Defence Emergency Management Groups (NCDEMG) and is expected to be completed by October.

The NCDEMG reportedly acknowledged the couple were not notified or consulted about the position of the tsunami siren, with construction on the site occurring ahead of schedule. Construction later resumed despite Russell's objections and now the couple have a new and undesired addition to their sea view.

Russell and Clinker are not the only Kiwi couple who have had their property's view impeded, with a couple in the Wellington area waking one day last year to find a climbing tower looming over their property — giving school children and adults alike the opportunity to sticky beak into their home.

Wellington couple not notified of climbing tower

The Wellington couple felt "abject horror" when their peace was ruined after a climbing tower was built just beyond their backyard fence, enabling people to easily gaze into their home.

A New Zealand resident looking at  the back view of his home where a climbing tower now overlooks their property.
A New Zealand couple live with their blinds down now after the neighbouring school built a climbing tower that looks over their backyard. Source: NZ Herald

They now live their lives "not looking out the windows" and claim they weren't notified of the change ahead of time.

"They don’t care, they just batted us off," the resident said when he reached out to the school responsible for the climbing tower. "We haven’t once had an apology."

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