How family in two different countries attended the same wedding

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A couple who were forced to cancel their wedding because of travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic have found a way to have their whole family present on their wedding day - despite being split over two countries.

Alex Leckie and Lindsay Clowes, from Canada, were determined to still have their special day and set their hearts on figuring out how to have their family involved.

The bride grew up in the US state of Maine in a town called Calais, which is separated from Canada by the St Croix River.

While Mr Leckie and Ms Clowes said their vows on a wharf in the Canadian town of St Stephen, in New Brunswick, the bride’s grandparents and a few other relatives from Maine watched on from a boat in the river.

“It was happy and emotional and overwhelming,” Ms Clowes said of seeing family and friends on both sides of the border.

The idea for the wedding was hatched after the couple had to cancel a summer wedding in Nova Scotia because of the closed border and travel restrictions. Ms Clowes grew up in Calais, Maine, before relocating north to attend school in St Stephen.

“After I told my mum about this idea, I think she was on the phone with the mayor in St. Stephen about two seconds later to find out if it was possible for us to pull this off,” Ms Clowes told CBC News.

In Canada, there are limits of 50 people for gatherings and documentation must be provided showing social distancings plans.

For a honeymoon, the couple has purchased a camper that they'll be using for day trips in the Canadian Maritimes.

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