Council sheds light on giant tyre washed ashore with 80 dead animals inside

A group of teenagers tried to remove the tyre before council was able to get an excavator onto the Sydney beach.

After a huge, human-sized tyre washed ashore at a popular northern Sydney beach earlier this week, baffling locals and bringing with it the carcasses of more than 80 sea animals, a council spokesperson has shed some light over the object's origins.

The tyre, that seems to have originated from a large tractor or farming truck, was found at Long Reef Beach on the city's Northern Beaches earlier this week, causing confusion among locals who counted at least 80 dead animals inside it.

Due to its immense weight and size, it sat along the shoreline of the reef, submerged in water, for a number of days until a group of 10 volunteers — made up largely of local teenagers — were finally able to remove it yesterday morning.

Northern Beaches council towing the tyre away.
Northern Beaches council officials eventually towed the tyre away. Source: Northern Beaches Council.

Sharks, rays and fish among the tyre's victims

Many puzzled Northern Beaches residents were clueless as to how an object of that size mysteriously appeared, seemingly unnoticed on the sand. Tragic images revealed the true extent of the loss, as all the deceased animals were laid bare on the sand, showcasing enough wildlife to fill a small aquarium.

Among the marine animals were dozens of native fish, sharks — including Port Jacksons and their young — and even sting rays, Manly Observer reported.

Almost 100 Aussie sea animals were believed to have been killed.
Almost 100 Aussie sea animals were believed to have been killed. Source: Manly Observer.

Animals scooped up in 'fish trawl catch' trapped in tyre

After being contacted by Yahoo News Australia, a spokesperson for Northern Beaches Council said a local fishing trawler first noticed the tyre drifting out at sea, but was unable to retrieve it due to its weight.

"Council has removed the large tyre washed up on Long Reef Beach yesterday," the spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia. "We were waiting on low tide to access the beach with an excavator as the tyre had been partially submerged in water. It is believed to be a heavy plant or industrial tyre.

A teen is seeing attempting to remove the tyre.
The tyre was found at Long Reef on Sydney's Northern Beaches with at least 80 dead sea animals inside. Source: Manly Observer

"A local fishing trawler collected the tyre over the weekend off Barrenjoey Headland and as it was too heavy to pull on board, the boat was forced to release it. It appears some of the fish trawl catch remained in the tyre during its journey and did not survive when washed up on the beach."

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