Council in affluent Aussie suburb threatens to seize pushbike for incorrect parking

Natasha pleaded with the North Sydney Council to install more bike racks in the area after discovering the notice.

A woman has pleaded for her local council to install bicycle racks after she was slapped with a seizure notice for parking her bike on the side of her suburban street.

Natasha was left fuming after returning to her bike on Wednesday only to find a bright yellow sticker on its back wheel, and was quick to point the blame at nearby residents “who complain”.

“So my bicycle just got a seizure notice because it’s tied up here to the North Sydney Council property, but there’s nowhere to park my bike,” she vented on TikTok.

“So how am I supposed to get from A to B?”

Natasha's bike with the yellow seizure notice from the North Sydney Council on it. Right is Natasha pointing at the car illegally parked in the same area.
North Sydney Council resident Natasha has pleaded for bicycle racks in the area after receiving a seizure notice. Source: TikTok

Natasha said that despite the numerous car spots available at Folly Point in Cammeray, there are no bicycle racks in the area, and therefore no parking for her. “You have to tie it up somewhere,” she lamented.

“And apparently all the people who live around here complain because it’s, like, disrupting their well being or whatever. I just think it's ridiculous.”

Nearest bicycle parking 'at least a 20 minute walk away'

The woman said she called the North Sydney Council to ask them where she can park her bike and they pointed her to a map on their website that outlines the locations of all the legal rails.

“And it’s like a 20 minute walk at least from my door,” Natasha said. “So what’s the point of being able to have a bicycle to take you from your home to where you’re going if you’ve got to then walk like 20 or 30 [minutes] … doesn’t make any sense.”

Cyclist returns to find car illegally parked

As the icing on the cake, when the woman returned back to the area where she had received the notice after finding her bike “it’s new home”, she discovered a Volvo SUV illegally parked in the same spot — not only across a zebra crossing, but also “blocking part of the road”.

“The audacity,” a stunned Natasha said. “So North Sydney Council, it’d be really lovely if you could add a bike rack to Folly Point and also maybe also let this Volvo know that if bikes can’t park there, neither can he.”

While some viewers agreed the seizure notice was silly, many questioned why she did’t just keep her bike on her property or in her home.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted the North Sydney Council for comment.

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