Council blasted over 'pathetic' road job: 'Height of laziness'

Residents were appalled by the work from a council contractor and said it was a waste of taxpayers' money.

Residents in one Gold Coast suburb were gobsmacked when they spotted a “lazy” act from their local council.

On the corner of Hardys Road and Springbrook Road in Mudgeeraba, new white road lines were painted along the gutters – but the contractor hired to do the job painted right over large clumps of leaves lying on the side of the road.

“This is the height of laziness,” resident Martin Webb wrote alongside images of the blunder he shared in a Mudgeeraba community Facebook group.

The gutter on the side of Hardys Road in Mudgeeraba shows clumps of leaves that have been painted over by a council contractor.
The council contractor painted directly over large piles of leaves in the gutter. Source: Facebook/Martin Webb

The post was met with fury and sarcasm from other locals, who slammed the work as a “waste” of taxpayers' money.

“Good to see our Gold Coast taxpayer/ratepayer dollars being put to good use,” one woman wrote.

“Surely they're supposed to blow clean the area first,” another resident added.

“No excuse for this. Just plain shoddy and not good enough!” Someone else wrote, while others labelled the work “pathetic” and used the hashtag #notmyjob.

Gold Coast council contractor penalised

Local councillor Glenn Tozer was quick to respond to the complaints, admitting that the work was “well below the standards we expect”.

An updated photo showing the leaves have been removed and the lines repainted.
Councillor Glenn Tozer confirmed the leaves have been removed and the lines repainted, Source: Glenn Tozer

“The Manager has investigated and although it is a state controlled intersection, it was a Council contractor that undertook that work,” he wrote in response to Mr Webb. “It should be rectified overnight, and our superintendent has taken appropriate penalty action, in terms of the relevant contract conditions. It is well below the standards we expect.”

In a follow-up comment, he confirmed the work was corrected and posted a photo of the new, clean lines with no leaves in sight.

Melbourne council resurfaces road around parked cars

This fail comes after a council in Melbourne resurfaced a residential road around two parked cars.

“The street is probably in a worse state than it was to start with,” one resident complained to 9 News. “It’s disappointing because now the street is a mess.”

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