Could this be the most epic wedding dance video in history?

Mel Buttigieg

A Perth couple have created a memorable wedding video like no other with a professionally choreographed mash-up that featured the bridal party and involved all wedding guests.

Nick and Claudia's wedding six-minute dance-off is a wedding video to remember. Source: Everafter Productions

Nick Katris and Claudia La Pegna proved their video was far from basic, hiring Carmelo from Dancing with The Stars to choreograph the six-minute video during their reception last week.

"We wanted to get everyone up, and it was a good way to mix the Italian and Greek sides of the family, and after that, nobody sat down," Claudia said.

The newlyweds hired Carmelo from Dancing with the Stars to choreograph the six-minute mash-up. Source: Everafter Productions

The dance-off included a bit of everything beginning with a mimed version of the Dirty Dancing hit Time of My Life, leading to some twisting action with the bridesmaids for 1960s Motown classic Do you Love Me? and some J-Lo and Michael Jackson classics thrown in for good balance.

Props added to the fun of the video, with guests wearing colourful accessories for the video. Source: Instagram/the_love_box

Props galore took the frivolity up a notch, with guests donned in feather boas, hats, hand-held fans and one guest clapping in time with giant Mickey Mouse gloves.

The groomsmen pretend to get wild as they dance to LMFAO's party anthem Shots. Source: Everafter Productions

The groomsmen stole the show, with slick sunnies completing the picture, high fives all around, pretending to get loose to the LMFAO party anthem Shots.

All guests packed the dance floor for the multicultural segment of the dance-off, playing homage to the bride and groom’s European heritage, culminating with the Zorba dance and traditional Greek smashing of the plates.

All the guests packed onto the dance floor to join the bride and groom for the Zorba dance. Source: Everafter Productions

“We've never been asked to film a music video at a wedding before - but there's a first for everything!” Everafter Productions wrote
on their Facebook page, where a snippet of the video was shared.

“It was great fun and a fantastic way to open up the dance floor!” the videography company posted.

The video was already viewed more than 30,000 times in the 12 hours since it was shared to social media.

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