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Costly mistake: Home invaders left with fractured skulls as brothers fight back

Costly mistake: Home invaders left with fractured skulls as brothers fight back

Two home intruders are in hospital with fractured skulls after they tried to break into a Melbourne home.

They were fought off by the family that lives there and forced to call paramedics for help.

Police believe the home may have been targeted by mistake: a costly one for the offenders who are now in stable conditions in hospital.

The home owners hosed away the evidence of the early morning fight.

It was a brawl which saw the pair of intruders come up against two brothers who could handle themselves in a fight.

“We’ve had two male offenders at this stage, that have attempted to force entry into a residential premises,” detective sergeant Andy Eyries said.

“They’ve been fought off by the occupants.”

The eldest brother was returning with breakfast for his family in King Park around 6.30am on Sunday.

He was approached from behind by one of the culprits who demanded to be let into the home.

Instead the residents resisted and the offenders ended up retreating after being hit with metal poles.

“It’s certainly an incident that would create quite a bit of fear for the occupants,” Det Sgt Eyries said.

They tried to run the brothers over in their car before fleeing to Deer Park – their injuries were so severe they called paramedics.

Soon after that the police became involved.

Most residents in the street were still sleeping at the time but were woken up by the scuffle.

Police have no idea why the offenders chose this house and at this stage can only put it down to mistaken identity.

The victims have told investigators they’re so shaken up they are now fearful to leave their home.