The unusual things people have been fined for - as neighbours dob each other in

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All Australians have been ordered to abide by the new strict coronavirus social distancing rules as the country continues to battle the deadly pandemic.

Residents have only been allowed to leave their home for necessary reasons which they can prove to police.

They must also limit gatherings to two people, except for families and households, and keep a 1.5 metre distance between themselves and others.

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Young woman holding wineglass sitting at table with friends. Source: AAP
A group of friends were fined for having a dinner party. Source: AAP

Since the stage three restrictions were introduced, hundreds of people have been caught flouting the law and slapped with massive fines - here are some of the strangest.

Three mates fined for playing video games

Three friends were whacked with a massive fine for breaching the two-person social gathering rules on Wednesday.

Victoria police found the trio did not live together and handed them a $1652 fine each.

L-plater slapped with $1600 fine

Hunter Reynolds, 17, was learning to drive in wet conditions with her mother supervising in the car when a police officer pulled them over on the weekend.

The pair had travelled about 30 kilometres from their Hampton, Victoria, home to Frankston.

Learner driver, Hunter Reynolds. Source: 7News
Learner driver, Hunter Reynolds, 17, has been given a $1652 on-the-spot fine for breaching the stage three restrictions. Source: 7News

Despite insisting they had not stopped or come into contact with anyone else, the teen was given a $1652 on-the-spot fine for breaching the stage three restrictions.

After publicly sharing their story, the police hierarchy reviewed the fine.

Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton told 3AW on Tuesday that blatant rule-breakers should be fined but there was community confusion.

Source: AAP
Source: AAP

Woman's brazen excuse for leaving the house

A passenger in a car being driven by a food delivery driver was issued with a violation on Saturday by NSW Police.

Police allege the 33-year-old woman from Toongabbie, who was the front-seat passenger, was only there because she said she was bored being at home.

Man fined for sitting at picnic table

At noon on Tuesday, Mt Druitt Police were patrolling a shopping centre when they spotted a man sitting at a picnic table.

A dog rests in the shade as men sit at a picnic bench in Sydney. Source: Getty
At noon on Tuesday, Mt Druitt Police were patrolling a shopping centre when they spotted a man sitting at a picnic table. Source: Getty

The 20 year old had been warned on three separate occasions the day prior after being sighted at the same location. He was issued with a $1000 fine.

Police fine man for walking on footpath

Earlier this week, officers from Chifley Police District were patrolling in Bathurst, NSW, when they saw a man walking along the footpath.

Woman seen walking on a footpath. Source: AAP
A person has been fined for walking on a footpath. Source: AAP

The 41-year-old gave several different reasons for being out of his home but police issued him with a $1000 fine.

Male busted for eating a kebab on a bench

Last week, a man, 21, ignored two warnings for eating a kebab in Newcastle and was fined $1000.

Police crash dinner party

Seven people were issued infringements after gathering at a house for a dinner party.

Friends standing outside drinking near a set table. Source: AAP
Friends standing outside drinking near a set table. Source: AAP

Woman defies quarantine to go on shopping spree

A NSW woman has been fined $1000 by for defying an order to self-isolate after international travel when she was allegedly caught during a lengthy shopping spree.

The 65-year-old woman returned to Sydney on a flight from Indonesia recently and was given a direction to self-isolate at home.

Police officers ride horses as they patrol during a partial lockdown imposed due to the coronavirus in Bondi Beach, Sydney.
Police officers are enforcing the lockdown of Bondi Beach imposed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Last week, police found the woman in her car.

She told officers she had been to seven separate retail stores that day, including the supermarket.

The woman was directed to return home immediately.

Two off-duty police officers fined for breaching laws

Two off-duty NSW Police officers have been fined $1000 for breaching social distancing measures.

One woman, a 27-year-old senior constable, was found by police being helped by a 31-year-old man on King Street in Sydney’s CBD on Saturday about 8.30pm.

NSW Police said she was intoxicated and taken to St Vincent’s Hospital for treatment. She was released on Sunday about 2am.

She was questioned and police determined she had been at a party.

NSW Police are pictured.
Two members of NSW Police have been fined for being at a party – a contravention of measures put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19. Source: AAP (file pic)

Also at the party was a 27-year-old senior constable from Fairfield City Police Area Command.

Three other people who aren’t members of the police, including the 31-year-old man, were also found to have attended the party.

All five were fined $1000 each for breaching the Public Health Act 2010.

Eleven people fined over backyard party

Eleven people have been fined $1060 for failing to comply with coronavirus-related directions at a social gathering at a regional South Australian home.

Noise complaints made about the Port Augusta home, in the Upper Spencer Gulf, resulted in police visiting the property four times over Tuesday and Wednesday.

During all four visits, a group of 13 people was found in the backyard or inside the property and, on the first three occasions, were provided social distancing and prohibited gathering advice by police.

SA Police issued the $1060 fines to people aged between 32 and 57 years, with the remaining two being followed up by police.

People are seen walking in a park, one man is with a dog and child.
There are fears Australians could stop abiding by social distancing rules as the curve flattens. Source: AAP

Neighbours urged to dob in holidaymakers

The government has repeatedly urged Easter holiday-makers to cancel their non-essential travel as part of efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Now they are asking people to dob in their neighbours and tourists for violating social distancing rules.

NSW police said they will patrol caravan parks and use technology such as number plate recognition to ensure people are following the restrictions.

More than 2,300 calls about COVID-19 were made to Victoria police on Wednesday, according to Nine News.

A road sign urging people to stay home is seen on the Gold Coast. Source: AAP
Scott Morrison has told all Aussies to stay home this Easter. Source: AAP

Over the past two weeks, people have called the non-urgent hotline to report 3700 mass gatherings and 2000 people violating self-isolation.

More than 1700 businesses were also reported, according to the publication.

The state's police commissioner has warned officers will be out in force to ensure people are abiding by the road rules, and public health orders designed to tackle the coronavirus threat.

Mick Fuller on Wednesday said police would use all of their powers and technology - including number plate recognition and road cameras - to identify people who shouldn't be travelling under social distancing restrictions.

To report someone breaking the rules you can call: 131 444.

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