Coronavirus Sydney: 'Disgraceful' photos of trashed park emerge after party

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A group of “COVIDidiots” have been blamed for a leaving a disgusting mess behind at a public park after a rowdy Saturday night.

A filthy trail of rubbish reportedly including “used condoms, pill bags and bottles” were discovered strewn through Cooper Park, in Sydney’s eastern suburb of Bellevue Hill, on Sunday.

Disgusted Twitter user Becca shared images of the gross display to the social media site that afternoon, lashing out at the group for their “disgraceful behaviour”.

“So much for social distancing. This was how Cooper Park in the Eastern Suburbs was found this morning after a group of #COVIDIDIOTS decided to party there,” her fiery post read.

Photo shows rubbish left in Sydney park after party on Saturday night.
Cooper Park in Sydney's east was trashed on Saturday night. Source: Twitter/beccabelievit

“Used condoms, pill bags, bottles, all next to a kids playground,” adding that the Golden Sheaf, where hundreds were seen lining up last week, “has nothing on this”.

Becca, who wanted to be identified by her first name only, thought there could have been up to 40 people at the park judging by the scale of the mess she saw.

“I've lived here for 10 years and have never seen the park like that. The council workers had already started cleaning by the time I got there so it could have been worse,” she told Yahoo News Australia.

She said a friend who lives closer to the park recalled being woken at 2am Sunday by a “bunch of Brazilians (20-30 of them) talking loudly and waiting for Ubers”.

“It may be unrelated or it could have been them. His place would be the spot where you'd wait for an Uber if coming from the park - most visible,” she said.

Partygoers slammed as ‘utterly selfish’

Those involved were heavily criticised by people who replied to the post, who labelled the perpetrators “utterly selfish and dumb” and “entitled brats”.

Someone said it was such behaviour that could lead to a new spike in cases for NSW.

“The selfish contributors to NSW becoming second wave,” they wrote.

Photo shows mess left in Cooper Park, Sydney, after a party on Saturday night.
The partygoers were slammed after images of their mess were shared online. Source: Twitter/beccabelievit

“Disgusting. There is no sense of ‘doing the right thing’ as [premier] Gladys Berejiklian asks people to do. The only way to get entitled brats to do something you want them to do is to make it illegal and make it cost them more than a token amount of money if they're caught,” another person wrote.

Police are investigating matters relating to an illegal party held in Bellevue Hill over the weekend. It’s not clear if the crowd responsible for the mess in Coopers Park are involved in that incident.

Police minister warns of stricter restrictions to come

NSW Police Minister David Elliot on Monday issued a “wake up call” to people attending and hosting parties, both at licensed establishments and on private property.

This came after concerning footage emerged from house parties in Bondi on Saturday night.

He warned the public that if irresponsible behaviour that was seen last week outside the Golden Sheaf continued, there could be a return to stricter restrictions.

“We’re making it very clear to the community... that we can’t continue to see what we saw at the Golden Sheaf and other venues, this is a wake-up call for Sydney and NSW,” he told reporters.

Photo shows rubbish in a public park in Sydney's Bellevue Hill after a party Saturday night.
Rubbish was strewn through the park in the affluent suburb of Bellevue Hill. Source: Twitter/beccabelievit

“The industry needs to take responsibility, I’m comfortable that they are, but I’m also making sure that patrons know that they’ve got to work with the industry to ensure that the right thing is being done.”

Mr Elliot insisted that patrons should not need to be told not to crowd together when waiting in line to get into a pub, saying it “should be second nature” for people to stand apart from each other.

“You can’t have more than 20 people at home, so why are you doing it when you’re trying to enter a licensed premises?”.

A cluster of coronavirus cases linked to the Crossroads Hotel in Sydney’s southwest has grown again, with one case also attending Picton Hotel in NSW’s Macarthur Region, southwest of Sydney, while infectious.

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