Coronavirus In Australia: $5000 Fines For Spitting On Frontline Workers

Carly Williams
A number of major Gold Coast beaches were closed from midnight on Tuesday over COVID-19 concerns.

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At least 6,024 cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in Australia and 51 people have died.

New South Wales has the highest statistic at 2,734 cases.


The virus has killed more than 81,000 people worldwide and more than 1.4 million are infected.

Here’s what is happening in Australia today:

1. Massive Fines For Abusing Frontline Workers

People caught spitting on health care workers, police or other frontline workers in NSW may cop an on-the-spot $5000 fine, authorities said on Thursday. 

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard announced the measure to crack down on the “abhorrent” abuse some individuals have been inflicting on frontline workers including supermarket staff, pharmacists and police. 

“How incredibly ridiculous is it that anybody can think it is acceptable to spit on or cough on frontline health workers, health officials, police or any of our border force officials,” Hazzard said in a press conference on Thursday.

“We’re telling you, stop it or you’ll cop it.”

3. NRL Season To...

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