Coronation Street's Glenda messes up new romance with Michael

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Glenda Shuttleworth fears her new relationship with Michael Bailey could be over already next week.

Glenda realises that she may have pushed Michael away as she continues to bicker with her brother George.

The Shuttleworth siblings have been at odds for weeks after a lost copy of their late father Archie's will was found.

The document confirmed that Archie wanted Glenda to have a share of the funeral business. Glenda has also been advised that she's entitled to half of George's house.

glenda shuttleworth, george shuttleworth, coronation street

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Next week, George gets fed up with all the arguing and approaches Glenda and Michael at the café.

He suggests that it's time to bury the hatchet and meet for a drink later.

The gesture gets George nowhere, as Glenda continues to complain about the feud and how she simply wants what's rightfully hers.

Michael has previously backed up Glenda in her battle with George, warning the funeral parlour boss not to treat his sister with disrespect.

glenda shuttleworth, michael bailey, coronation street

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However, with the feud now seeming to be never-ending, Michael starts to disapprove of the ongoing animosity and Glenda senses that he's starting to cool towards her.

Fearing that she's in danger of losing everybody if she continues down this path, Glenda calls at the undertakers and changes her stance.

Glenda tells George that if he gives her his house, she will drop the legal case and abandon her claim to the business. Will George agree?

Tony Maudsley, who plays George, recently explained why his character has been reluctant to get Glenda involved in the funeral parlour after years of carefully continuing his father's legacy.

glenda shuttleworth, george shuutleworth, coronation street

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He said: "I think from George’s point of view, it was always odd that Glenda wasn't left much by their father. I think he understood why, because Glenda has always been into high kicking on the high seas and singing songs.

"She's Little Miss Showbiz, she always was, she was never a responsible kid. She couldn't even look after her pets properly. Pets died and she went and got another one or she'd wait for a new fad to kick in and say she wanted a terrapin. Things like that.

"So George knows that she's not a responsible person. He's just got to tread very carefully. And I'm sure George being George, he'll want the best outcome for everyone."

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