Cop filmed bumping and grinding at NY Gay Pride march

Try as he might, this police officer could not help but shake his tush during New York City's' Gay Pride celebration.

Hundreds of people were marching through the streets of Lower Manhattan when one participant approached a uniformed officer, who just couldn't help but immerse himself in the spirit of the day by busting some sensational moves.

A video, shot by another marcher, shows the flamboyant party-goer strut his way up to the cop and start grinding up against him from behind.

Instead of dismissing his booty shaking advances, the officer grins and then gives the stunned marcher a run for his money by getting down and dirty.

His 'fabulous' performance proved a real crowd-pleaser, met with cheers and a rapturous applause.

"The cop was standing there all stoic," Ponzeka, who filmed the break-out, told Buzzfeed News. "As soon as Aaron started dancing with him, grinding up against him, the cop tried to stay still but then he just got super into it.

"The crowd loved it," she added. "It was a super moment."

The exuberant dancer, Aaron Santis, who was dressed in a purple shirt and wearing the iconic LGBT rainbow flag, had been trying to get one of the officers patrolling the march to dance all day, but hadn't managed to persuade them.

He had decided to give it one last try, when he came across the good-spirited cop, who didn't need much encouragement.

"I didn't expect him to get into it as much as he did," Santis said.

"The crowd just loved it and I think it made him want to dance even more."

At the end of the impromptu bumping and grinding, Santis placed a gay pride sticker on the anonymous cop and the pair parted with a kiss on the cheek.

The priceless video has been viewed millions of times online across the globe.

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