Cool and windy weekend but hint of better weather at end of month – Met Office

 (PA Wire)
(PA Wire)

It will mainly be cool and windy this weekend but there is a hint of better weather at the end of the month, the Met Office has said.

Wind is coming down on the UK from the north, with low pressure sitting north-east of the UK and high pressure to the west, senior operational meteorologist Marco Petagna said.

The weather is expected to remain unsettled for the next week but there is a “hint” that later in the month things could become more settled, but “it’s still quite a way off”, Mr Petagna said.

No weather warnings are in place and are not expected in the short term, the forecaster added.

On Saturday, the South and South East will have a cloudy start with patchy rain which will gradually come away, Wales, West Midlands, Northern Ireland and northern England could see the odd shower, and across Scotland there will be quite a few showers, the Met Office said.

One or two of the showers across Scotland will be heavy and there could be some thunder.

Mr Petagna said: “It’s going to feel chilly in the north.”

Across the north of the UK, the maximum temperatures on Saturday are likely to be between 11C and 15C while in the South the highs could reach between 15C and 19C, with the odd 20C or 21Cin the South East.

The average temperatures for this time of year are usually between 13C-16C in the north and 17C-19C further south, so this weekend is likely to be “average or just below”, but the showers and breeze will make it feel much colder, Mr Petagna added.

Overnight on Saturday into Sunday, there will be rain moving in across Northern Ireland and south-west Scotland.

Across Northern Ireland, south-west Scotland, parts of northern England and North Wales there will be outbreaks of rain on Sunday.

In central and southern England it will be sunny but quite chilly, with a bit of ground frost first thing, before the cloud will gradually increase.

Central and north-east Scotland will see sunshine and showers.

Temperatures will be similar to Saturday, with highs of between 12C-15C in the northern half of the UK and highs of 16C-19C in the south.