'Cool find': People puzzled by woman's discovery on beach

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A woman's unusual find on an Australian beach has prompted a wide range of hilarious theories over what it might be.

The woman posted a photo of her find on Facebook, adding her sister-in-law discovered it.

“Anyone know what it could be? Material is like bone,” she wrote.

One woman jokingly wrote it’s a “mermaid poop cup”.

A woman holds part of a fish skeleton on a beach.
A woman was perplexed by this find on a beach. Source: Facebook

“It’s a fish tiara,” another woman wrote.

“The winner of the Fish Beauty Pageant wins it along with a bouquet of seaweed.”

Some people tried using image search on the photograph, but it came up as a wonton.

Others were more distracted by the woman's attire.

"Are you wearing socks on the beach?" one woman questioned.

Truth behind mystery beach find revealed

As for what the object is, it’s far less imaginative than a fish crown or something used by a mermaid.

It also is not edible.

The woman was on the right track when she suggested it felt like bone because the find is actually part of a fish skeleton.

This was confirmed by Professor Culum Brown from the Department of Biological Sciences at Macquarie University, although it’s not clear exactly what type of fish the bone came from.

It is however widely believed to be from a large fish.

“Fish vertebrae,” one man wrote.

“Big fish. Usually they have the pointy bits broken off when you find them, some people make jewellery out of them. Cool find.”

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