Construction crew makes a curious find from World War II era near Florida airport

A Florida construction crew dug up a piece of history this week: an inert World War II-era bomb, possibly leftover on a former military airfield decades ago.

“Because it is so rusted and decayed, there’s certainly no way of telling whether it’s live munition or inert,” said Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis.

Nienhuis’ office said the M-65 ordnance was unearthed near Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport (BKV) while crews were building what will become Wilton Simpson Technical College.

Along with MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa and Drew Army Airfield, the Brooksville Army Airfield, starting in 1942, was used to train pilots and ground crews during the war, including bomb squadrons, according to BKV.

Bomb experts from Citrus County and MacDill determined the bomb to be inert Tuesday.

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