Confusing parking sign leaves Aussie motorists baffled

The winner of MasterChef season two is a talented cook but when it came to deciphering this parking sign, he turned to social media for help.

Adam Liaw, from Adelaide in South Australia, posted a photo on Twitter of the very confusing parking sign – One side states it is a ‘mail zone’ while the other side is a no parking zone but “motor vehicles excepted”.

“Sooo ... yes parking?” he said.

His loyal followers attempted to try and help the celebrity chef but most people seemed just as confused as he was.

“I find that I need three university degrees to decipher these parking signs of late,” one person commented.

Others took the sign a little too literally, wondering what couldn’t be parked there.

“I got a $200 fine for parking my alpacas there,” one said.

“Not your boat or spaceship,” another person wrote.

The parking sign is baffling people across Australia. Source: Getty/Twitter @adamliaw

One suggested the sign was just for modern vehicles, “not in your Flintstones footmobile”.

Some people seem to think that the sign was to ensure no boats or caravans were parked nearby.

“It’s to stop people leaving boats and trailers there for long periods, confusing though,” one woman added.

One inventive person used the mystery sign to solve Australia’s parking woes.

“Someone needs to just invent an electronic parking sign that as you pull up says things like “yes, you can park here. You have 2hrs”. Or “no, you can’t park here. Come back at 7pm,” she suggested.

Yahoo News Australia could not clarify where the sign is located, but have contacted Australian road authorities for comment.

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