Coles, Woolies drop prices ahead of Xmas

Woolworths and Coles and dropped the prices on Christmas goods ahead of the festive season. Photo: News Regional Media/ Supplied.
Woolworths and Coles and dropped the prices on Christmas goods ahead of the festive season. Photo: News Regional Media/ Supplied.

Christmas has come early for Aussies this festive season with Woolies and Coles dropping prices on thousands of items.

With cost-of-living pressures making the weekly shop a budgetary stress, Christmas staples are now heavily discounted across the board.

The major supermarket chains announced concessions on meat, fruit and vegetables earlier this week, with prices set to stay low throughout summer and into the new year.


Sausages have dropped to their lowest prices since 2019 at Woolworths, receiving a 30 per cent discount on 600g packs.

Woolies said snags truly are summer staples, claiming more than eight million packs of sausages will be sold from this week through to the end of February.

Woolies has announced a 30 per cent drop in the price of sausages, their lowest wince 2019. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Roy VanDerVegt.

Along with snags, other barbecue favourites including salad kits, seafood, meat and poultry have seen big price falls.

The following products will remain reduced online until February 27 next year:

  • Woolworths 600g sausages were $7, has dropped to $5

  • Baby leaf mix 300g was $5, has dropped to $4

  • Inghams Chicken Wing Nibbles 1kg was $9, has dropped to $7

  • Pepsi Max Bottles 450ml 12 pack was $20, has dropped to $14 (in all states except Tasmania)

  • Green Beanette pre pack 300g was $4.50, has dropped to $3

  • Corn Cobbettes 425g was $5.50, has dropped to $3.75

  • Mix A Mato Mini Tomatoes 320g was $5.90, has dropped to $3.75

Overall, products as part of the summer savings have been discounted by $620.

Woolworths Supermarkets managing director Natalie Davis said as the weather warms up, Woolies wanted to drop the prices on products customers buy most.

Unrecognizable woman shops for produce in supermarket
Baby leaf mix, mini tomatoes and pre packaged salad kits have all seen price drops. Photo: Supplied.

“We’ve included products that are perfect for the barbecue in our ‘Prices Dropped’ and ‘Low Price’ programs,” Ms Davis said.

“There are price drops on sausages, chicken kebabs and chicken tenders, which can be paired with several salad kits that are available from $4, including the Woolworths Classic Coleslaw Kit.

“Summer is also a great time to enjoy our great Australian fresh produce and increase your intake of fresh fruit and veg for a healthier start to the new year.”

She added as a result of lamb prices going under the knife, with 20 per cent off standard cuts, customers had been buying chops and cutlets 60 per cent more.

Customers have been encouraged to search catalogues and online deals, with the website offering a best unit price filter on products.

ColesIn response to Woolies price drops on Monday, Coles cut costs of meat and dairy products on Wednesday.

More than 600 items had been discounted at Coles in their latest round of reductions, with the following seeing big cuts:

Coles responded to price drops at Woolies earlier this week by slashing the price of meat and poultry on their shelves. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Morgan Sette.
  • Coles RSPCA Chicken Breast Fillets large pack was $11, has dropped to $10

  • Coles RSPCA Chicken Drumsticks large pack was $4.50, has dropped to $4

  • Thomson’s Deli English Style Ham Quad Pack 400g was $7, has dropped to $6

  • Capilano Pure Honey upside down squeeze was $8.60, has dropped to $7.50

  • Coles Finest white sourdough Vienna loaf was $7, has dropped to $6.50

  • Doritos Cheese Supreme Corn Chips 380g was $8.50, has dropped to $6

  • Pampas Sheets Frozen Pastry Puff kg was $6.50, has dropped to $5.50

  • Steggles Chicken Breast Tenders crumbed 400g was $10.50, has dropped to $5.50, a 48 per cent saving

  • Lifesavers Icy Pole 8pk was $9, has dropped to $6

Coles has also recorded low average prices on vegetables and fruit, with corn 37 per cent cheaper than 2022 and avocados down to only $1 in some parts of the country.