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Coles shopper's 'impossible' $10 haul: 'Best discounts I've ever seen'

There are discounts – then there's what this man found.

One lucky Western Australian man has revealed his truly unbelievable Coles haul to shocked shoppers, boasting over the multiple kilograms of expensive meat cuts, as well as veggies and sweets, he scored all for just over $10.

The shopper said the incredible purchase was found at Coles Ellenbrook, in Perth's northeast, and revealed a photo that featured five packets of beef sausages, two packets of chicken breasts, two packets of salmon, a packet of grass fed beef, a leg of ham, a shoulder roast, among a number of other items.

The haul also included a sizeable box of baked goods and confectionary, priced at $7, that formerly retailed at $36. While it's relatively common to find reasonably priced vegetables at the moment, it's been well documented the prices of meat — particularly in our major supermarkets — have skyrocketed.

The man's $10 haul has to be seen to be believed. Source: Facebook.
The man's $10 haul has to be seen to be believed. Source: Facebook.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) recently reported that fruit and veggie prices recorded a downward movement of 5.4 per cent in the 12 months to July, with many Aussie shoppers sharing success stories on how they've saved on the products, while meat prices continues to soar.

'How is that even possible?'

Responding to the man's unbelievable find, Aussie shoppers from all over the country shared their disbelief.

"Congrats to the people of Ellenbrook on your totally awesome Coles manager! If only others thought the same way. At my locals, you are lucky to get twenty cents off," one person said.

"How is that even possible? Never seen something so cheap," another wrote. "When do they do mark downs like these? I’m keen to catch some bargains," someone else added. "No way, best discounts I've ever seen," an astonished woman wrote.

The bundle could easily have cost in excess of $100 ordinarily. Source: Facebook.
The bundle could easily have cost in excess of $100 ordinarily. Source: Facebook.

Others assumed the items the man had purchased were out of date, to which he responded: "They never sell expired products. You literally can’t scan it at the register. It’s just at its best before/use by date. So they can’t sell it tomorrow so it’s either binned, discounted or donated."

Possible way to save

While both Coles and Woolworths continue to record billion dollar profits, amid Australia's escalating cost of living crisis, some experts have pointed to ways Aussies can save.

Why pay $10 for the cheapest packet of beef mince available when you could score an alternative that's just as nutritious and much cheaper? Angus Kidman, money expert at Finder, said the answer is simple: You shouldn't.

"If you think of meat as the protein component of meal, which is essentially what it is, you can definitely do that much, much cheaper with the right mix of vegetables," Mr Kidman told Yahoo News Australia.

"You're talking a savings of 10 times or more in the price of some of those things. So having that flexible attitude does help a lot to save money."

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