'It's upsetting': Coles shopper's gripe with online delivery

A Melbourne woman has a bone to pick with Coles, angered over the number of plastic bags used for home delivery.

The woman, who purchased the items from Cranbourne in Melbourne’s southeast, told Yahoo News Australia she can’t leave the home due to illness.

“I’ve been getting Coles online orders for years which were delivered to my bench (bagless), since the COVID changes they are more bagged which I have no control over, that we have to accept,” she said.

“However to bag just one item in a bag, or two in the way it came this morning is upsetting.

“It would be nice if there was a cardboard box option for delivery from Coles, even if it costs more they decompose and can be put in household recycling.”

The woman added she would pay “a little extra” if it meant reducing pollution.

A number of Coles reusable bags are pictured.
A woman said Coles used eight bags to deliver her groceries. Pictured are five of them. Source: Facebook

On Facebook she called on Coles to “do better”.

“You charged for six bags, it fits in four and you supplied eight bags,” she wrote.

“Please look at reducing the waste as I can no longer get it delivered to my kitchen bench bagless.”

In a response, Coles wrote it is “disappointed” to hear of the woman’s frustration.

“Plastic bags are essential to keep your items together during the shopping process, and are necessary for health and safety reasons with some products,” Coles wrote.

The supermarket added it was passing on the feedback.

Another Coles customer vented their anger in November over the number of bags they received for an online order.

“Having one onion or one lemon in a plastic bag is really not necessary and makes me quite furious about the waste and blatant disregard for the climate,” she said.

A Woolies shopper complained in January, 15 plastic bags were used for his delivery.

“I’ve already complained about this but nothing seems to have improved,” he wrote on Facebook.

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