Coles shopper fumes at 'ridiculous' detail in delivery photo

Customers have taken aim at Coles over a frustrating detail in a delivery order described "not good enough" by an angry shopper.

The customer, based in Tasmania, received five reusable bags with her order on Wednesday and was infuriated by the "ridiculous" number of items each bag contained.

Her gripe was illustrated in a photo shared to the Coles Facebook page, which showed each bag had been packed with between one and four items.

Photo of the front of a Coles store.
Coles has come under fire for using too many plastic bags with its delivery. Source: Getty

"OK Coles, this is getting ridiculous," the shopper wrote to Facebook.

"Not only is there now no way to uncheck the bagging option for home delivery, which means I have to pay for bags I don't want, this is how they are packed," she added.

The woman placed the items on top of the bags they came in, revealing that one bag contained just one item – a container of baby cucumbers.

Another bag had two packets of crackers and a one-litre carton of milk, while a different one had just a bag of mozzarella cheese and a pack of chicken schnitzel.

Photo from Facebook of Coles delivery order laid out on the ground.
A shopper said these 11 items had arrived in five bags. Source: Facebook

An entire bag had also been given to a pack of bread wraps, while a fifth bag had four items inside — a bag of sugar, toothpaste, a bar of soap, and a pouch of baby food.

"It's not good enough that you say you'll take the bags back for recycling, they shouldn't have been used in the first place," she wrote.

Coles responds to plastic bag gripe

Others seemed to agree with the shopper, labelling her experience "nuts", "terrible" and "shocking".

"Shocking number of plastic bags! What about a cardboard box — that would be much better," one comment read.

"What on earth is the deal here? This type of bagging happens to us all the time too... It seriously makes no sense whatsoever and is so incredibly wasteful," someone else wrote.

"That’s terrible! We switched to Click and Collect as it is bagless," a third said.

The complaint came as Coles this week joined a raft of other companies in Australia to sign up to the Plastic Pact – an agreement to make all their plastics recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.

Coles stopped giving shoppers the option to select bagless delivery during the coronavirus pandemic due to "health and safety concerns".

A spokesperson for the supermarket previously told Yahoo News Australia shoppers often had a small number of items per bag because of how their order was packed.

"The number of plastic bags you receive is determined by the way in which our orders are picked. Our pickers collect items for multiple orders, from their allocated aisles of the supermarket," they said.

“As such, if you only have one item from your order in that picker’s area, it will be in a bag by itself."

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