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Coles security guard body slams teen customer at check out

The young customer punched the guard which prompted the fight.

An altercation between a Coles customer and a security guard has been captured on CCTV and shows the dramatic moment the pair suddenly begin exchanging punches and wrestling on the ground.

The incident happened last month in the self-checkout area of the supermarket in Prahan, southeast Melbourne in front of shocked customers.

The footage, which has only now emerged, shows the male security guard standing next to a young male customer who appears to be using the self-service checkout. The pair exchange words before the customer launches a punch, connecting with the security guard's face.

The guard retaliates by grabbing the customer in an attempt to secure his hands. The pair begin to wrestle before the worker lifts the customer in the air and slams him to the ground.

Coles fight between security guard and young boy.
A fight broke out between a young male customer and a security guard at Coles in Prahan, Melbourne. Source: 7News

The customer gets up and launches himself at the guard once more but is met with an open-handed slap across the face. At one point, a Coles manager is seen attempting to step in between them in a bid to stop the fight, but is ultimately unsuccessful.

Fleur Brown from the Australia Retailers Association encourages retailer workers not to intervene in these situations.

Series of attacks on supermarket security

The security guard is not employed by Coles but by a contractor MA Services Group. Coles told 7News the fight was "reported immediately and reviewed accordingly with our security service provider".

"Coles is satisfied with the outcome of that review," a spokesperson said.

Coles fight between security guard and customer
The security guard is seen slapping the customer across the face. Source: 7News

It's not the first time a security guard from MA Services Group has been assaulted by customers with many being left injured or bloodied in the past.

In Feburary, a Coles security guard was reportedly fired for being heavy handed with a suspected shoplifter at a Coles supermarket on Chapel Street in Melbourne. Footage of the scuffle captured by Nine News showed the security guard coming after the suspected thief just outside the store.

"We have seen in the last few months a rise in violent crimes. It's getting quite concerning and of course, the stress level is rising for retail staff," Ms Brown said.

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