Coles major change to milk being rolled out across the country

The supermarket is getting rid of one component of the milk bottle that has frustrated many consumers.

Milk will be looking different in Coles after the supermarket giant confirmed a major change to its range of own-brand milk bottles across the country.

Coles will be phasing out the plastic seals found under the lid on bottles of milk to "reduce unnecessary plastic". Labelled "hard to use" by frustrated shoppers, the plastic seals had to be pulled off after the lid was removed the first time and were used to reduce the risk of spills and leaks.

While not every store will find the new seal-less bottles in store quite yet, Coles assures it is being rolled out nationally and signage is being added across stores. "While some of our suppliers have commenced this transition, not all processing sites have, and we will be working on the implementation of this change with each state when suitable," a spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

Left image shows Coles milk lining fridge in supermarket. Right image shows the plastic seal on a Coles milk bottle.
The change to Coles milk is being rolled out nationally. Source: Getty/Twitter

Coles says move 'removes plastic' from circulation

A Coles spokesperson said the move away from using seals means Coles milk will see "more than 10,000kg of plastic removed from circulation" once the change has been implemented nationally.

"Coles is always looking for ways to reduce unnecessary plastic from circulation and while our seals were originally used to reduce instances of leaking bottles, over time, packaging design of both the bottle and the lid have improved and the seals are no longer required," they said.

Change follows Woolies' milk bottle adjustment

Woolworths milk bottles have also experienced a recent change, replacing the standard blue bottle cap on its milk containers — which have been in place for decades — and opting for a clear one instead.

Woolworths said the change is about better recycling outcomes as the pigment in coloured plastic limits how it can be reused, though wildlife activists have also applauded the subtle but significant change for its positive impact on Australian native birdlife — as some species of birds have a fascination with all things coloured blue.

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