Coles customers shocked by little-known Flybuys hack

Numerous Coles shoppers have discovered a surprising Flybuys hack that allows them to redeem missing points.

Posting to a popular Facebook group All Things Flybuys a fan of the loyalty program explained she had forgotten to scan her card when she was at Coles and asked members how long she had to redeem them.

“Forgot to scan my Flybuys card, how long do I have to take the receipt back to Coles and present the docket for my points?” she asked.

Fans of the page were shocked to read they could actually do this, after thinking that those points were missed.

“I didn’t know this was possible. I’ve always been refused,” one person said with others agreeing, and many saying: “Me too!”

Coles supermarket at Brandon Park shopping centre in Glen Waverley in suburban Melbourne.
Coles customers had no idea they could collect missed Flybuys points. Source: Getty Images

Others said they had been turned away by staff when they tried to redeem their missed points.

“I always shop in the same store. Maybe it’s a case that the casual or newer staff aren’t trained up on this as I’ve had it happen to me a few times. I’ll be persistent next time,” one shopper said about redeeming their missed points.

“Mine said they can’t do it, straight after I realised I forgot before leaving the shop,” added another.

Does the hack work?

A Coles employee who commented on the post insisted it works.

“They should do it. I always do it when customers forgot to add their Flybuys unless they can’t be bothered to do it,” the woman said.

The little-known hack allows shoppers who forget to scan their card, the opportunity to collect their missed points and promotion credits.

The picnicware promotion includes dipping bowls, bowls, serving bowls and plates. Source: Coles
The current Flybuys picnicware promotion at Cols requires credits to be redeemed. Source: Coles

They just need to present their receipt to the same store they made their purchase from within seven days to have the points honoured.

A Flybuys spokesperson confirmed with Yahoo News Australia that customers can indeed do this.

“Members who have forgotten to scan their Flybuys card while shopping in store at Coles supermarkets can still claim their base points from that purchase,” the spokesperson said.

“All they need to do is return to the same store within seven days of the transaction (with their original Coles receipt and Flybuys card).”

What about bonus points?

The woman who shared the original post also questioned whether her bonus points would be added on too.

“Ok it was for a product that had 500 point bonus, I activate all offers, and the partner had to buy this product, which I wasn’t expecting, and I was mad as hell when he told me he bought it and didn’t use his Flybuys card because checkout operator didn’t ask for it….. grrrr. MEN!!” she added.

A Flybuys card and Woolworths Rewards card. Source: Creative Commons
Shoppers were shocked to hear they could redeem both their base and bonus points if they forgot to scan their card. Source: Creative Commons

While there was confusion from customers about whether this would work, the Flybuys spokesperson said customers won't lose their bonus points.

“Bonus points can also be claimed back in the same way provided the offer was activated at the time of purchase, and that it’s within the validity period of the bonus points promotion,” they said.

“For queries regarding claiming points back from any other partners, members are advised to contact the Flybuys Service Centre.”

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