Coca-Cola Launches Limited Time Creation With an 'Electrifying' Flavor

Coca-Cola bottles.

Coca-Cola is debuting a new product, and the brand promises it offers "electrifying flavors."

The latest creation, Coca-Cola Wozzaah Zero Sugar, is a "new limited-edition flavor" inspired by the beating heart of African culture. The Blazing Fruit flavor is said to "provide the refreshing Coca-Cola taste fans know and love, remixed with vibrant, tropical flavors inspired by Africa."

As for the can design, it is just as vibrant as the taste of the drink, with colorful and bright pops of yellow, blue, red, purple, and green.

A press release shared directly with Parade gave insight that through product innovations along with digital experiences, talent partnerships, and fashion drops, fans will have the opportunity to experience the "expressive nature of the continent firsthand."



"We are thrilled to introduce Coca-Cola® Wozzaah Zero Sugar, a new Coca-Cola® Creation that not only celebrates the rich tapestry of African culture but also embodies the spirit of innovation and creativity,” said Silke Bucker, Senior Director, Coca-Cola Category Lead, Africa.

In honor of the new flavor, the brand has also partnered with global music sensation and proud Eswatini citizen, Uncle Waffles, who has been tapped to help bring Coca-Cola's Wozzaah Zero Sugar to life.

Additionally, the soda beverage company will be bringing forth exclusive merchandise available for purchase in select markets.

According to the news release, the new flavor is available to purchase for a limited time only in select markets including Nigeria, Algeria, South Africa, and Morocco.

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