Club's happy hour rule outrages Aussies: 'Defeats the purpose'

St George Motor Boat Club is stopping patrons from taking advantage of Happy Hour prices by banning 'drink stacking'.

There are few surprises more pleasant than rocking up to a pub and realising it's still happy hour, with it fair to presume many Aussies would buy more than one drink to get their money's worth.

However one venue is stopping drinkers taking too much of an advantage from the discounted prices, and will penalise them by taking away a full drink if their happy hour rule is broken.

A customer visiting St George Motor Boat Club in Sydney's south spotted a sign on his table detailing the 'no drink stacking' rule, meaning anyone who had multiple drinks in front of them during happy hour could have them removed.

The sign reads: 'Please be advised that, any time during Happy Hour if any patron has more than 1 and 1/2 schooners in front of them, the full schooner will be confiscated.'

Left: St George Boat Club's Happy Hour 'drink stacking' rule card, and right, beers on tap are displayed at the bar with brands including Victoria Bitter and Resch's.
St George Boat Club's Happy Hour rule has outraged Aussies, with many believing it defeats the point of the promotion. Source: Facebook and St George Boat Club

The boat club runs a Happy Hour between 4 to 6 pm on weekdays with schooners costing $4 compared to the usual price of $5.80.

Aussies claim rule turns drink deal into 'grumpy hour'

The patron shared the sign online and many Aussies were swift to express their disdain at the rule, saying it "totally defeats the purpose of happy hour" with one branding it "grumpy hour" instead.

It could be argued that having one and a half schooners of beer on the table for one patron is common if a group are buying rounds, with some believing the quantity was too small to justify having a paid drink confiscated. Others said the rule simply encouraged people to "drink quicker".

Boat club defend rule in name of responsible drinking

The owner of the boat club defended the rule and confirmed it was put in place nine months ago to uphold "strict Responsible Service of Alcohol regulations" after the policy was being "abused" by some patrons.

"The rule was introduced when visiting members (not locals) partake in our Happy Hour and are stunned by $4 schooners. In their excitement they tend to purchase two or three drinks at a time," CEO Adrian Vermeulen told Yahoo News Australia. "Can you imagine eight members at a high table full of full schooners because happy hour will finish in ten minutes?"

He continued by stating there had only been two occasions when the rule had been enforced after "habitual offenders" repeatedly ignored warnings. "In an effort to curb this behaviour we have forewarned our members that “drink stacking” is not responsible," he said.

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