Claims feminism has set men back

Outspoken Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen has made more controversial comments; this time blaming feminism for boys not doing well at school.

He also says women who think they're equal to men are the reason blokes are losing their identities.

Over the past half century, feminism has brought women within reaching distance of equality, presenting them with a choice between the kitchen and the boardroom.

However, one of our most prominent spiritual leaders says it could be to the detriment of men.

“The rise of feminism is a blessing in some ways, and not in others,” Archbishop Jensen says.

Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen has already stirred debate by suggesting brides submit to their grooms, and now he says feminism has held men back.

But feminists say he's out of touch.

Gender expert Catharine Lumby says the Archbishop doesn’t represent the views of most Australians.

“I think most Australians raising boys and girls want to see equal opportunity for both of them,” Lumby says.

We might have girls doing better at school and a female running the country, but feminists point out that women still earn less than men, and their battle is not yet won.

They could face a counter struggle, with Dr Jensen saying men need to recover lost ground.

“Men find it difficult to know who they are specifically as men and what role they have to play,” Jensen says.

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