Christmas eve sharks terrorise fishermen across the globe

Krystal Johnson

Two New Zealand fishermen have recorded the unreal moment a three-metre shark breached out of the ocean and ferociously travelled toward their boat.

Elliot Gordon and his friend Paul Adlington were fishing in Tauranga Harbour in New Zealand early Christmas Eve to catch some snapper when the bronze whaler leapt out of the water, stole their mackerel bait and snapped their reel, NZ Herald reported.

The bronze whaler shark can be seen from a distance, stealing the fisherman's bait. Photo: Paul Adlington

"I thought 'hopefully I won't catch that again' so I threw out another head and said to my mate 'you should probably film it just in case'," Elliot told the newspaper.

All seems calm in the water in the video until the shark leaps from the water a second time, edging itself closer toward the 4.8m boat.

Suddenly the shark catapults out of the water and slams back into the ocean.

The 3m shark can be seen launching itself out of the water, edging itself toward the fishermen. Photo: Paul Adlington
This is the moment the bronze whaler twists and turns while breaching out of the water. Photo: Paul Adlington

"Oh my God, it’s coming towards the boat,” one of the fishermen can be heard yelling in the video.

The shark remained on Elliot’s line for more than 30 minutes before spitting the hook, local media reported.

Meanwhile, fishermen on the other side of the world had a similarly unexpected encounter with a shark on Christmas Eve.

The Great White Shark was captured lurking in the waters below a charter boat in Florida before lunging toward a catch the fishermen were reeling in.

Chad Starling of Team Buck Rogers Offshore Fishing Charters recorded the moment they came face to face with the shark.

The Great White Shark lunges toward the Red Snapper after fisherman attempted to reel in the fish. Photo: Supplied
This is the moment the giant sea creature locked jaws with its lunch. Photo: Supplied

It was once reported the fisherman were using the Red Snapper as bait, but Jacksonville Fishing Charters later clarified that using fish as bait is illegal, claiming the shark had spotted the fish as they were reeling it in.

The shark can be seen eyeing off a red snapper from a distance as one of the fisherman reel in the fish.

It then lunges toward the Red Snapper and gulps half of it in on swimming, leaving leftovers for the fisherman to have for seconds.

This is what is believed to be the remains of the Red Snapper after the shark gulped half of it whole. Photo: Supplied

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