Christian Horner: Woman who had claim dismissed against Red Bull F1 boss 'to appeal decision'

Christian Horner: Woman who had claim dismissed against Red Bull F1 boss 'to appeal decision'

The employee who made allegations of controlling and inappropriate behaviour against Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is reportedly set to appeal the decision to dismiss her case.

The Formula One world champions appointed an external lawyer to investigate the allegations made against Horner, 50, which he has always vehemently denied.

He has since continued his work on the F1 team’s pit wall during the first two races of the 2024 season, in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

In the meantime, the unnamed woman who made the claims has been suspended by Red Bull, reportedly on full pay and as a result of the inquiry into Horner.

Since the initial verdict on Horner’s conduct, she has held the right of appeal and according to the BBC is now set to take up that option. If the appeal fails, it is said she could then take legal action.

Precious little detail of the allegations or investigation have emerged throughout the episode, amid calls for greater transparency.

Despite Red Bull’s attempts to draw a line under the incident, it has continued to bubble away with a cache of WhatsApp messages purportedly sent between Horner and the woman sent around to journalists and key F1 figures during the Bahrain weekend.

Further reports on the continent have suggested that Red Bull GmbH, the parent company behind the F1 team, are ready to sack him before the Australian Grand Prix next weekend.

Red Bull have denied those claims but a power play is thought to be ongoing at the top of the multinational corporation which could affect the future of the highly-successful team principal.

Horner told reporters at an official FIA press conference in Saudi Arabia: “Obviously there’s been an awful lot of coverage surrounding this. But one has to go back to the basis that a grievance was raised, it was investigated, and it was dismissed.

“Obviously it’s been of great interest to different elements of the media, for different reasons. I think it is time now to draw a line under it.”

He continued: “It’s been a very trying period. I’m married and have three children, and when that intrusion involves your children, and your marriage. I have a beautiful family and a very supportive wife. I’m the only one who has been named in this. So of course, it’s very trying. When there’s children involved, family, parents… it’s not pretty.”