Chris Pratt would “of course” join DCU after visiting James Gunn set

Marvel star Chris Pratt has said he’s up for crossing over into the DCU.

The actor is no stranger to superhero franchises, having previously starred as Peter Quill in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy and numerous other MCU blockbusters.

He’s now eager to team up with Gunn again, this time in the DCU, following Gunn’s appointment as the Studio’s co-CEO and co-Chairman in 2022.

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After his recent visit with the director on the set of Superman: Legacy, Pratt told TMZ that he would "of course" join the rival franchise if the opportunity presented itself.

"If it could fit into my schedule and it made sense, I would love it," he continued, adding: "Of course I love playing Star-Lord, and hopefully there’s a chance that can come back.

"I just feel so blessed to be able to do any of it, to be considered for any of it. If it’s right and the fans would love it, I’d be more than happy to do it."

When asked which DC character he’d like to play, he said: "I just have to leave that to the fans and people like James to decide. I’m not exactly sure. I’m truly not sure."

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It might be wishful thinking, but Pratt could even reprise his role as Star-Lord and bring the guardians to the DCU.

After all, Gunn previously said a crossover film between Marvel and DC isn't out of the question now that he’s in charge.

"I’m certain that’s more likely now that I’m in charge [at DC]. Who knows? That’s many years away, though," he said last year. "I think we have to establish what we’re doing [at DC] first. I would be lying to say that we haven’t discussed it. But all discussions have been very, very light and fun."

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