Chris Pine 'hated' working at a restaurant

Chris Pine "hated" working as a restaurant host before finding fame.

The 43-year-old actor worked at a restaurant before he found success in Hollywood - but Chris has now admitted that he wasn't suited to the role, acknowledging that he wasn't a "people person" at the time.

He told Business Insider: "I was a host at a restaurant and just hated it. Could not have hated it anymore. I was not a people person. It was all about just getting work."

Chris found fame through a series of rom-com movies, including 'Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement', 'Just My Luck' and 'Blind Dating'. But now, Chris wouldn't choose to watch many of his old films.

Asked if he would ever watch his own movies on TV, Chris shared: "I mean, not a chance. And that's for most of my films."

Despite this, Chris recently admitted that his life was changed by 'The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement'.

The actor starred alongside Dame Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway in the 2004 rom-com, and Chris acknowledged that the movie was a life-changing moment for him.

Chris - who played the part of Nicholas Devereaux - told the 'Today' show: "I just remember distinctly knowing in that moment that my life had changed somehow.

"It was the height of summer and I was getting off at Magnolia. I was on my little Verizon tiny little flip phone, my silver one, and I got a call from my agents that I booked the job."

Chris' life was transformed by the money he received for making the movie.

The actor shared: "I pulled over onto the side of the freeway and they said, 'You're getting paid $65,000,' And it was like they had just told me I'd made $50 million. It was absolutely earth-shattering. I’ll never forget that."